Xerox’s newest line of multifunction devices offers world-class print quality and unparalleled efficiency. The latest devices, including the popular AltaLink and Versalink product lines, utilize ConnectKey technology to make business printing faster, easier, and more secure.

All Altalink and Versalink multifunction devices support ConnectKey applications. Any network-functional device using ConnectKey applications is automatically part of your business network – no specialized IT work required. The ConnectKey environment offers four major benefits:

With ConnectKey, you can make your office run more efficiently than ever before.

The Xerox ConnectKey User Experience

One of the most powerful improvements this technology framework offers is a streamlined user interface. A modern, 10-inch touchscreen interface operates all workflow customization tools, giving users a level of interactivity more commonly seen in the latest consumer electronics and smartphones on the market.

Scan, email, fax, and copy functionalities are native applications present on the device’s main screen. Additional workflow-specific applications including Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, and Office 365 are available in the ConnectKey App Gallery.

By consolidating workflow tools into applications and taking inspiration from the world of retail electronics, Xerox empowers users to extend printer functionality far beyond the physical production of documents. Now, the printer is a central communication tool for document-based workplace collaboration.

Xerox’s collection of applications is constantly growing. From translation applications to QR code generators, you can arrange these apps to fit your workflow precisely. Browse through the Xerox App Gallery for inspiration.

Automate Document Workflows

Automate Document Workflows

Integrate With Key Business Systems

Integrate With Key Business Systems

Expand With a Fifth Function

Expand With a Fifth Function

Industry-Leading Cybersecurity

All printer networking frameworks need to put security first when it comes to dealing with sensitive data. Since business printers and multifunction devices are often in jeopardy of corporate data security attacks, it is more important than ever that executives prioritize solutions that successfully protect customer data and financial records.

Xerox ConnectKey offers benchmark security through two major lines of innovation:

Can You Use ConnectKey With Managed Print Services?

Xerox ConnectKey makes managed print services more effective. By consolidating document-related services and protecting sensitive information from internal and external threats, the software framework lets managed print service providers automate and integrate complex workflows while reaching cost-cutting targets and increasing employee productivity.

The combined initiative helps both small businesses and enterprises leverage the latest technology in the ongoing transition from paper to digital workflows while improving the customer experience. ConnectKey automation makes it easy for managed print service providers to identify hardware issues, perform preventative maintenance, and refill consumables well before problems occur.

Ready to implement a next-generation printing network in your workplace? Boost productivity by implementing ConnectKey-powered custom workflow environment today.