Digital presses are well-known as the workhorses of print houses and marketing companies. But these powerful, versatile devices also generate value for all types of enterprises and institutions.

Most marketing agencies, enterprises, and large institutions that need this level of quality for their printed materials choose to outsource to commercial print houses. Investing in a digital press lets you take control of marketing material creation, driving value and reducing costs across the board.


Drive Down the Cost of Document Creation with a Xerox Digital Press

While the multifunction printer is the backbone of most modern offices, digital presses are in a league of their own when it comes to document creation and communication. Any business that relies on creating books, manuals, promotional booklets, or other complex documents can use these devices to streamline the process while reducing costs.

Modern digital presses offer versatility and automation that transforms complex projects into simple tasks.

No longer limited to the domain of print-for-pay companies, the digital press is a great choice for academic institutions, healthcare companies, legal firms and faith-based organizations. They generate value in a wide variety of applications such as direct mail, high volume applications, insurance mailers, brochures, calendars and more.

Zeno carries three lines of Xerox Color Digital Presses, each catering to the needs of enterprise-level organizations uniquely. This product segment is the largest in the Xerox catalog, based on the number of device families, and offers the greatest benefits to high-volume projects for creating complex documents.

With output speeds of between 70 and 150 pages per minute and support for up to 3.5 million average monthly impressions, these devices represent the pinnacle of high-volume print engineering. They offer complex inline finishing options such as booklet creation, binding, folding, stapling, and much more.

The Xerox lines that Zeno carries are:

  • The Versant Series
  • The ColorPress Series
  • The iGen 5 Press

Each upholds the highest standards of print quality and business-ready automation, reducing costly complex projects to simple series of processes. Each individual model offers functionality and features that make it a unique and powerful addition to enterprise workflows.

The Xerox Versant Series

The Xerox Versant Series offers the ideal mix of power and versatility for organizations making their first digital press purchase. These devices support workloads up to 250,000 pages per month, variable data publishing and complex inline finishing.

The Xerox Versant 180 incorporates multifunction features such as scanning and copying, whereas the more powerful Versant 3100 focuses solely on delivering industry-leading speed and automation to high-volume print projects.


The ColorPress Series

The ColorPress Series is designed to offer best-in-class print quality using a special fifth print station to allow for specialty dry ink printing. These dry inks include metallic silver, metallic gold, and clear for spot and floor effects, making this printing press the ideal choice for marketing departments and organizations that create documents that need to stand out.

The ColorPress 1000i prints at an output rate of 100 pages per minute and can produce up to 400,000 pages per month.


The iGen 5 Press

Xerox’s top-shelf digital press is optimized for automated performance and production efficiency. It can reduce production lead times by up to 40 percent and comes with a full array of features designed to simplify even the most complex printing projects.

As a modular production printing platform, the iGen 5 is completely customizable. It features print speeds of between 90 and 150 pages per minute, supports media types that many other printers cannot, and offers state-of-the-art process automation. It also supports the addition of a fifth color station and a wide variety of inline finishing options.


Featured Product

The Versant 3100 Digital Press

The Versant 3100 is a popular choice for enterprises and institutions that want to reduce the cost of outsourcing marketing document creation, regain control of document processes, and instill their workforce with newfound enthusiasm. It represents a balance between power and affordability that makes it one of the best choices for organizations investing in their first digital press.

The Versant 3100 offers the following features:

  • Print output speeds of 100 pages per minute.
  • 2400 x 2400 print resolution and 10-bit raster image processing power.
  • A Full Width Array for fully automated setup and optimal performance.
  • Auto sheet clearing for paper jam removal.
  • Automated real-time color compatibility verification.

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