Compared to their letter-sized counterparts, wide-format printers are in a league of their own. Since most offices share one such device between multiple departments, choosing the wrong printer can lead to production bottlenecks, downtime, and frustrated employees and clients.

As one of the industry’s most reputable print technology providers, Zeno offers a broad range of wide-format printing solutions designed to meet exacting business needs. Although functionally similar to document printing, wide-format printing is very much in its own league when it comes to technology, print quality, and efficiency. Our selection of printers includes HP DesignJet devices and KIP wide-format printers. Both of these brands offer unique benefits to organizations that need fast, reliable printing for wide-format documents.

KIP Wide-Format Printing Devices

Beyond industry-leading low cost of ownership, KIP’s monochrome wide-format printers also offer unparalleled connectivity. These devices feature direct cloud integration for scanning and printing from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and many more business cloud platforms. Additionally, KIP devices incorporate smart multi-touch displays that allow end-users to intuitively use their most advanced features.

KIP monochrome multi-function systems offer larger-than-life printing with 100% toner efficiency – this waste-reduction strategy is how the devices keep consumable costs so low. Compact design incorporating multi-roll systems and integrated stackers ensures that your monochrome printing system doesn’t take up the entire office floor plan like other large printers do.

Maintenance is easy as well, thanks to the fact that KIP printers employ fewer moving parts than most commercial wide-format devices.

Applications include large-scale internal documents, CAD drawings, and renderings. KIP printers work with extraordinary speed, ensuring that employees enjoy streamlined workflows that minimize time spent waiting for print orders to begin.

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HP DesignJets

HP DesignJet printers represent the industry standard for producing large color documents, such as proofs, posters, signs, and renderings. These multi-function printers feature simple to use touchscreen displays and come in a variety of sizes, from 24 inches to 44 inches.

Organizations that need to maximize productivity while ensuring low per-page print costs can consolidate their wide-format printing needs into a single high-performance HP DesignJet device. These products perform printing, scanning, and copying with speed and precision, ensuring that your businesses’ technical and graphic printing needs are met with consistency.

HP Cash-In & Trade-Up Program

If you are upgrading your current wide-format device to a newer HP printer, you can save thousands of dollars through HP’s Cash-In & Trade Up program. All you need to do is call Zeno and ask to speak with one of our wide-format specialists to find out if your current printer is eligible.

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