A modern, mobile, always-connected workforce cannot run effectively on a single machine. Office teams that think of multifunction devices as standalone, process-specific workhorses are missing out on opportunities to streamline document-oriented tasks.

Xerox AltaLink devices set new standards for the capability and connectivity of mid- to large-sized workgroups and busy offices. AltaLink products give your extended workforce instant, secure access to the documents and data it needs to work more efficiently with any device, from any location.

These devices offer the following important benefits:


Use AltaLink Products to Enable Next-Generation Services

Xerox ConnectKey technology gives businesses powerful tools to remotely control AltaLink multifunction device on their networks. Easy integration of Xerox devices enables remote monitoring of service and consumables, plus remote configuration for even more time savings. You can set job limits, monitor employee usage, and perform data security operations from the cloud. This gives businesses more control over costs, reduces strain on IT resources, and improves overall performance.

Gateway to New Possibilities

Instantly extend your capabilities with access to the Xerox App Gallery, featuring real-world apps designed to optimize digital workflows. The app gallery provides innovative solutions to common problems through third-party developers. The Xerox App Studio lets companies build their own customized apps for internal use.
AltaLink multifunction devices are more than just machines. These devices become workplace assistants that streamline processes in any ecosystem, giving employees the ability to copy, scan, and print documents while using time-saving customized apps and workflows.

ConnectKey Technology

Xerox ConnectKey technology is what separates AltaLink workgroup devices from the broader catalog of multifunction devices offered by other manufacturers. ConnectKey is a software suite and operating system that turns multifunction devices into app-driven document-processing workplace assistants. This technology lets you do more than connect mobile devices and cloud services to multifunction devices. It lets you process those documents using a wide range of applications available from the Xerox App Gallery.

For instance, you can scan paper documents directly to email while automatically converting them into user-editable PDFs. You can even download an app that will translate the document into another language.

With ConnectKey technology, a workflow that would have consisted of multiple time-consuming steps only a few years ago can now be completed nearly instantly.

The Xerox App Gallery is constantly growing, and so are the capabilities of every Xerox workgroup device in the world. Investing in a ConnectKey-enabled AltaLink device now is a decision that will pay off for your business in time and resources saved.

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Featured Devices

Some of the most popular and useful workgroup devices are showcased below, along with the features and functionalities that make them stand out.

Xerox B8055

This monochrome business printer prints at a speed of 55 pages per minute and can handle up to 200,000 images per month at its greatest capacity. With print resolution of up to 1200 DPI, it is a powerful addition to any office. It requires no specialized IT expertise to install. Even its most complex features offer plug-and-play availability.

  • Features a first-page-out time of 3.8 seconds.
  • Designed to handle a monthly print volume of 100,000 pages per month without issue.
  • Supports automatic network accounting.
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Xerox C8045

The Xerox C8045 is a powerful color printer that can produce 45 pages of vibrant 1200 DPI images per minute. It features an integrated single-pass duplex automated document feeder for scanning duplex pages and access to the full range of ConnectKey applications, from Xerox Easy Translator to the Xerox QU Code app – and the list is growing constantly.

  • First-page-out print time of 5.3 seconds in full color, 7.8 seconds for scanning.
  • Maximum paper capacity of 5,140 sheets.
  • Supports custom paper sizes.
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